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runr's 3rd birthday is here!

This April is runr's 3rd birthday and how the last 3 years have flown by! It doesn't seem that long ago that we couldn't believe that a fellow runner was keen to wear one of our creations and we celebrated the sale of our very first hoodie!

Fast forward to April 2019 and we're pleased to have had 1000s of satisfied customers who have bought everything from a hoodie, to a mug, the great thing about each person is their passion for running.

When we launched runr, we had the aim of creating something that allows you to identify fellow runners on the train, in the pub or anywhere when you're out and about, and looking through the thousands of social media posts, it's clear to see that people are doing just that.

We've had photos from being in the pub garden, to runners on holiday in sunnier climates, but the one that we see the most of is the celebratory picture after a run! Some sat recovering with their favourite food or drink, others proudly holding their medal from a race and then there's the pictures from the phenomenon that is parkrun!

Ultimately, it doesn't matter where you run. How far you run is irrelevant and the time you take isn't important. The fact you lace up your running shoes and head out the door is what's important and if we can help encourage others, and help you encourage others, that's the main thing!

So, with all of that in mind, we thought 'what can we do differently on our birthday?'.

The answer:
Instead of YOU buying US presents, we're going to have month of competitions where YOU can win spaces in races and lots of runr goodies!

Please click on the links below to find out more about the full prize package:

2 spaces in the Portsmouth Marathon plus runr goodies
2 spaces in Hope 24 plus runr goodies
A team of 8 in the Spitfire Scramble plus runr goodies
1 space in the Yorkshire Marathon plus runr goodies
1 HUGE bundle of runr goodies - to be revealed!
Good luck to everyone that takes part and we look forward to seeing you at one of the events very soon.
Happy running!
Team runr.