Here are some FAQs to help answer and questions you have on Miles For Mind:

What is a 'Virtual Run'?

A virtual run is one that can be undertaken absolutely anywhere and at anytime of your choosing. You simply track your miles via your fitness watch, phone, or pen and paper, and submit your results to us at the end of the challenge. We will send you a uniquely designed medal to mark the occasion.

How do I enter Miles For Mind?

Simply head to our Miles For Mind homepage here and choose from one of our 4 events running in 2021.

Why are we setting up a Virtual Run?

We firmly believe that a healthy body, helps a healthy mind and we would like to bring people together to raise money & awareness for mental health through running.


I'm resident outside of the UK - am I eligible to take part?

Absolutely. The nature of a virtual run means you can clock up the miles anywhere in the world. In order to get your prized medal to you, upon signing up, we will charge an additional £4 to cover postage overseas.

Am I fit enough to sign up for a virtual event?

It is the sole responsibility of yourself to be sure that you are fit and capable enough to sign up and compete in our virtual event. Please speak with your GP to discuss any medical conditions you are concerned about. You acknowledge that you are taking part in Miles For Mind at your own risk and agree to waive any liability against the organisers for any injury, illness, loss or damage as a result of participation.

Is this a race?

No, a virtual event is not a race. It is a challenge that you set yourself and you are simply trying to complete that challenge for your own benefit. We will be online supporting & inspiring the running community throughout, but it is not a race against anyone.

Is this a 'runstreak' / 'run every day' challenge?

You can clock up as many miles as you are comfortable to do, and you can run on however many days that fit in with your lifestyle and fitness levels. You do not need to run every day to complete the challenge, although if you wish to do so.... let us know on social media and we'll be supporting you on your journey!

How do I submit results?

You simply track your miles via your fitness watch, phone, or pen and paper and submit your results to us at the end of the challenge via our results page. A link can be found in the event page where you signed up.

What if I fail to hit my target for the month?

Worry not. Regardless of how many miles you end up clocking up, if you're short of your challenge distance, we will donate you some miles from other peoples totals to ensure that everyone who signs up for Miles For Mind gets a medal.

Is my entrant transferable or refundable?

Unfortunately due to the nature of putting on a virtual run, entrants are non-transferable and we are not able to offer a refund on your entry.

Anything else that I need to consider?

By registering, you agree for runr to have royalty-free use of your results, name, images for use in our future communications, website and social media.


More importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy your time taking part in Miles For Mind.

Happy running!

Team Runr.

Four Seasons, One Reason. #MentalHealthMatters.