Since starting virtual events back in 2018, we have found that as well as individuals and running clubs taking part, more and more businesses are encouraging their employees to sign up.

Mental health is just as important as physical health and many companies are now supporting their staff to get involved in our events with the thought that a healthy mind can lead to a more productive employee. 

A business that have done just this is Zayo. With offices in 4 countries around the world, they are keen to support their staff in their mental and physical wellbeing.

They have now had over 45 staff take part in our virtual events and it's proved to be a great way to bring them together.

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MyOptique are another business who have taken part in Miles For Mind over the last 3 years. 

Split between London and Swindon, over 50 employees have covered over 4,000 miles with the support from Barney, their CEO.

Now, more than ever, MyOptique's employees are aware of the importance of physical activity and opening the conversation around mental health. Being involved in Miles For Mind, they encourage their employees to go out and move, regardless of their fitness level.

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